Selection Method

  Confirm the requirements of the power supply

According to the design of the LED display, make sure the specifications of the power supply, such as the input voltage, PFC for energy-saving or global safety regulations for different locations.

 Confirm the application location

Depending on the application location, you may choose the suitable power supply with different features and functions. The fanless power supply is an appropriate choice for an indoor environment requiring low noise. As for outdoor usage, moist-proof, waterproof, and corrosion protection features become a must. Moreover, some specific application demands redundant and current-sharing functions to ensure working smoothly.

 Confirm the specifications of the power supply

After confirming all the required functions through “Quick Search” of MEAN WELL website, please refer to the specification to make sure the electrical features are compatible with your device.

  Contact MEAN WELL sales or distributors

After confirming the specifications of the product or unable to choose suitable products, please feel free to contact MEAN WELL sales or distributors through website Sales Inquiry to make an inquiry, including if the selection is appropriate/ samples can be purchased…etc.  Moreover, if you have purchased a sample, please test the electrical features of the power supply with the end products first. A large quantity order can be made, after a thorough confirmation.